An Arab expat in Saudi Arabia was accused of promoting illicit acts on Snapchat and arrested by authorities earlier this week, Ajel news site reported

The arrest came after Saudi authorities and members of the kingdom's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (also known as religious police) collaborated on investigating the case. 

In his statement on the matter, head of the religious authority in Riyadh, sheikh Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al Sabber, said the defendant had an arrest warrant issued against him and was considered an outlaw prior to his detainment. 

Al Sabber added that the man was accused of promoting alcohol consumption on social media and having relationships outside of marriage. 

He also noted that the authority had received several anonymous tips about the accused and notified police who then went ahead with the arrest. The case is now set to be referred to prosecution.  

The man is facing strict legal consequences

Similar to anyone charged of alike offenses in the kingdom, the man now faces harsh punishment under Saudi Arabia's anti-cybercrime law

According to Article six of the legislation, any person found producing, preparing, or publishing material "impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, through the information network or computers, can face legal consequence."

According to the Saudi law, punishment for violations can reach up to five years imprisonment, in addition to fines.

The news is circulating on Twitter

Some hailed authorities for arresting the man

"Great job."

Others called on them to deport him

"Deport him immediately."

A few had doubts over the incident though

"I don't believe accusations except when they come from internal security or police officers. When it comes to religious police, they're known to fabricate news like this." 

Not the first time a similar arrest is made in recent months

Earlier last month, Saudi authorities arrested a young woman over Snapchat videos deemed "anti-Islamic" and "indecent."

Known as Lamya on Snapchat, the defendant often shared videos of herself dancing, holding bottles of liquor, and speaking about "illicit" relationships with men. 

Her arrest came after many on Twitter called on authorities to take action against her, accusing her of promoting illegal activities.