A violent sandstorm named "Madar" has been hitting many areas across Saudi Arabia this week, leading the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (PME) to issue a red color-coded warning in many cities. 

Education departments across the kingdom even cancelled school, including those in the Eastern Province of Al-Qassim, and Madinah.

But that was not the case in Riyadh where parents were outraged at the city's director of education, Abdullah Almanie for refusing to suspend classes.

Almanie has defended his decision, saying that "nothing in the warning warranted the suspension of school," Middle East Eye reported. 

Many people took to Twitter to express their anger, claiming that the decision left dozens of students trapped in the storm and even led to several near suffocation cases among them.

Many are calling for the immediate suspension of classes in Riyadh

Some are calling for Almanie's resignation

"A person who does not look after the health of our children.... will not look after their education. Therefore we demand the resignation of Riyadh's director of education."

"Either suspend Riyadh's director of education or exempt our children from getting an education." 

While others are blaming parents

"I am puzzled by parents who let their children go to school during sandstorms! Don't wait for a minister's decision... your children are more important."

The kids seriously aren't alright...