The General Directorate of Health Affairs in Saudi Arabia's Assir governorate suspended a nurse who flipped a finger in a now-viral video, Sabq news site reported.

The announcement came on Tuesday, days after footage of the nurse making the gesture started circulating online, sparking a social media frenzy. 

According to Sabq's sources, the nurse is being dealt with according to article 43 of the kingdom's "employee disciplinary code."

The article states that an employee may be suspended if investigators or committees involved in their case believe it's for the benefit of the workplace. 

The unidentified nurse will now be further investigated.  

10 seconds might cost this nurse her job

People are divided on the matter

The decision to suspend the nurse also went viral on social media late on Tuesday, dividing hundreds on Twitter. 

Many believe the woman deserves to be punished for what she did, others think the entire incident is being blown way out of proportion. 

Some are still shocked by the footage

"Just saw the video and I am shocked!" 

Others think the nurse deserves to be suspended

"She deserves this; the gesture she made is immoral." 

Many aren't having any of it though

"It's illogical for us to judge this woman's morals after viewing a 9-second video. There's something in life called 'making mistakes.'"

"These comments made me feel like we live in an angelic society"

"Someone must've leaked this off her private Snapchat"

"Someone must've leaked this off her private Snapchat. Don't trust anyone, even your own relatives on social media. Not every reaction can be filmed and shared on there."

Many are defending the nurse

Others think she shouldn't be punished at all

"I say they must forgive her because this was a simple angry reaction."