Replacing natural trees with artificial ones is something that can have catastrophic effects on our environment, yet some of the Arab world's authorities seem to be disregarding that.

Earlier this week, the issue came to people's attention after Saudi tweep, Suleiman Al Sahli, posted an image of the plastic trees he spotted placed on the pavements of a road leading to a municipality building in Al Qaseem.

In his post, the man criticized the decision to replace natural trees with artificial ones. He also recommended that the municipality plants real trees around its premises.

Most people who came across Al Sahli's tweet agreed with him and their reactions to the matter were just right on point.

"A municipality in Al Qaseem did this due to lack of water resources"

"A municipality in Al Qaseem placed plastic trees next to roads leading up to their center, one that thousands of travelers often use, due to lack of water resources in their location. Planting trees that require less water isn't that difficult." 

Tweeps couldn't agree more

"I swear we don't have water shortages, what we're lacking is intellect, integrity, and people who do their jobs with loyalty." 

"It looks so ugly, they didn't even make an effort"

"Unfortunately, such a failed idea"

Some reacted to the matter with humor

"I have an inquiry: What's this tree called? And what kind of tasteful person chose it?" 

And there's nothing quite like Saudi humor

"Its name is bermilko, it's green and heat resistant. Its only problem is that you can't pluck it out of its roots." 

"What's this? The entryway to Disneyland?"

"It looks like they planted ice cream cones"

"Natural trees are cheaper than artificial ones, why all this excessive spending?"

Some shared their own artificial tree sightings

"When will you realize that trees aren't just for show?"

"They're necessary to improve our weather, they're also needed for oxygen." 

"Even if they don't plant anything, they must remove these toys"

"It's like you're going into an amusement park for kids." 

"Plastic minds"

"The sight of these palm trees in the background is worth a thousand words"