Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Telecommunications recently became the first ever in the country to hire a "happiness specialist" for its employees, Twasul news site reported.

His job description? To make sure the government body's workers have fun at work and enjoy themselves while being productive.

Now identified as Abdul Aziz Al Qassem, the specialist will work on creating events and coming up with activities that aim to keep Saudi's national telecom team feeling great. 

The "happiness specialist" broke Saudi Twitter

Just hours after news of the recently crafted position started making the rounds on Saudi Twitter, it sent people into a meltdown of the sorts.

Some absolutely loved the idea

"Such a great idea! The happiness of employees is the first step in building a a stable, creative workforce."  

Some got quite emotional over it

"I need a minute to cry." 

A few just really couldn't with the news

Others were utterly confused by it

"So what exactly is he going to do to make them happy, tell jokes or dance for them?"

"Basically, he'll follow employees and tickle them"

Some thought this was the job for them

"Finally... a job that fits my qualifications." 

Not the first country to focus on happiness

In February of 2016, the UAE showed its commitment to making its citizens and residents happy by appointing its first-ever minister of happiness.

The Ministry of Happiness, led by Minister Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, is all about promoting and sustaining happiness throughout the UAE. 

In March 2017, the UAE launched the World Happiness Council which aims to improve the state of happiness throughout the UAE and across the world, focusing on health, education, environment, personal happiness, happy cities, and community standards for happiness.

Earlier this year, the country made it to the top 20 happiest countries in the world, according to World Happiness Report 2018 - which ranks 156 countries around the world based on happiness. 

It was the only Arab country to make it to the top 20 in the ranking.