A Saudi court recently sentenced a man to 40 lashes for sending abusive WhatsApp texts to his ex-wife, Okaz newspaper reported

The final ruling, which an appeals court has agreed on, also granted the complainant the right to attend her ex-husband's lashing session. 

The legal decision in the case comes after a judge found evidence incriminating the defendant, who sent over 600 insulting messages to his ex-wife.

The texts were sent during a period of time when the couple was embroiled in a battle over the custody of their three children.  

In a statement to Okaz, Saudi lawyer Nojoud Adawi warned mobile users that insulting and offensive texts are punishable under the kingdom's cybercrime laws

Adawi also explained that the woman's triumph in the case against her husband is something separated couples should learn from. 

Just hours after news of the case circulated on Saudi Twitter, it became a topic of discussion among many.

Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter:

A few men tried to defend the ex-husband

"Maybe he lost his temper at the time. Just wait a bit... he'll apologize to her."

Others were having none of that though

"He deserves what he got. He has no right to insult her." 

"They didn't hand him this sentence for nothing"

"He must've sent unacceptable texts." 

Everyone is taking note after this ruling

"If it has come to this, then I am going to report all my WhatsApp groups and win the case"

Not the first time someone is punished over WhatsApp texts

In Saudi Arabia, insulting someone on WhatsApp is a crime that can get people into major legal trouble.

Earlier this year, a Saudi court sentenced a woman to 10 days in jail after she swore at her cousin in a WhatsApp text. 

Last year, a judge in the kingdom sentenced two women to 10 lashes each after they insulted each other via the messaging app.