A Saudi husband won hearts all over the internet after he donated a kidney to save his wife's life, Sabq news site reported on Monday.

Now identified as Shbeili bin Ahmad Hasan Al Shehri, the man decided to end his wife's suffering, saying she had been ill and in pain for years. In a statement he made after the procedure he underwent at King Fahed Hospital, Al Sheri said:

"I can't hesitate when it comes to saving my wife. We've been married for 11 years. I could see the pain she was in throughout her illness but at the same time, I was experiencing life without any physical pain and wanted to gift her a part of that." 

The husband said he would've still done it if the recipient was a stranger

Adding to his statement, Al Shehri said he wouldn't have hesitated to donate an organ to someone he doesn't know if they had matched. He also thanked all the doctors and medical staff who worked with both him and his wife.

The heartwarming gesture went viral all over Saudi Twitter

And got everyone emotional


Love at its finest

"This is exactly what love is all about." 

Some couldn't even

"Ahhhhhh so cute." 

Tweeps hailed the man's decision


And were proud of him

"We're proud of people like him."

A few summed it all up

"This is love."