Earlier this week, a 27-year-old Saudi man donated his kidney to help save his mom's life, winning over people's hearts online.

According to Sabq news site, Hamdan Waseelan Al Hilali made the decision after helplessly witnessing his mother suffer with kidney failure in the past two years. 

After passing all medical tests required before such procedures, both the man and his mother were cleared for surgery. 

They recently underwent their operations in King Abdullah's Medical City in Mecca. 

Saudis were moved by the news

"May God bless him for being a good son to his mother." 

"This is the least we can do for our mothers"

People sent Al Hilali all their good wishes

"May God heal you, bless you, and grant you happiness." 

Everyone wished the man and his mother a speedy recovery

"Thank God you're all well." 

Not the first time a Saudi goes viral for donating organs to save a life

Earlier this year, Shbeili bin Ahmad Hasan Al Shehri won hearts all over the internet after he donated a kidney to save his wife's life. 

The woman had suffered with illness for years and the donation drastically changed her life. 

In July, Saudi nurse Abeer bint Atallah Al Enezi went viral after she donated part of her liver to an ill child.

In a statement she made to press at the time, Al Enezi said she hoped her story will motivate others to help patients in dire need of organ donations.