A Saudi man was touring an abandoned house in the kingdom when he stumbled across a horrific room that was seemingly once used to imprison a woman in her own home. 

The man filmed what he saw, capturing heartbreaking writing and drawings scribbled on a wall, signed by a woman named Hadu.

The video was uploaded online earlier this week and has caused quite the stir on Saudi Twitter

Some thought the man's story wasn't credible enough to believe, accusing him of making it all up. 

However, many thought he was just revealing a harsh truth that he happened to come across. 

The heart-wrenching footage is all over Saudi Twitter

The clip prompted tweeps to launch a hashtag titled: "Save Hadu." 

Thousands have since tweeted through it, speaking up against abuse that many women continue to face in Saudi Arabia and blaming the country's male guardianship system for allowing it to continue. 

Under this system, a male guardian, usually a father, brother, or husband, has legal rights over most major aspects of a woman's life, including her freedom of movement and ability to work. 

While some doubted the video's credibility

"To the person who filmed this footage, are you sick or what? This is clearly an abandoned traditional house and it looks like young men scribbled on its walls. There's nothing that proves a woman was imprisoned there."

"First, this is unbelievable, second, it's clear that the writing on the walls is recent"

Many hit back at them with this

People were left heartbroken over the footage

"I’m crying"

"I’m so sorry for all the pain you’ve gone through"

"Save her"

This should at least be investigated

"They must investigate the owner of this house and inquire about everyone who rented it out"

"I hope this happens as soon as possible."