As Saudi women officially hit the kingdom's roads on Sunday, a Saudi mall in Riyadh decided that the best way to celebrate the historic day was by launching "ladies-only" parking spots. 

Decked in pink signs, the parking spaces were created so that women can park their cars closer to the entrances and exits of shopping centers. 

Images of the sexist spots went viral on Saudi Twitter just hours after they were uploaded to the platform on Friday. 

Not too long after that, Saudi tweeps hit back at the move calling it ridiculous and absolutely uncalled for. Women were also having none of it, hilariously trolling those behind the idea. 

In response to the backlash, Riyadh's governor Tarek Al Fares, immediately took action, ordering the shopping center's management to re-allocate the parking spots to those with disabilities.

The women-only parking spots broke Saudi Twitter

While a few people were all for them...

"This is normal, why is everyone objecting to it? What's weird is that the majority of objections are coming from women. The gesture wasn't meant to belittle you but to make things easier for you." 

The majority of tweeps didn't think they were a good idea...

"They're just meaningless." 

And just couldn't even with the whole thing...

"You made me laugh"

"Ladies-only parking spots!!!? This is new"

"All around the world, parking spots are set aside for: 

1 - Those with disabilities

2 - Senior citizens"

"How are they going to know whether a driver is male or female?"

Saudi women savagely hit back at the news...

"And they colored them pink, I don't know who told them women like pink? Paint them grey or black, that's more luxurious." 

And were upset that spots previously allocated to those with disabilities were painted over...

"You have no right to replace spots allocated to those with disabilities. This is just a stunt, 'watch us we're following the government's new rules.' Regression at its worst." 

Saudi women can now legally drive in the kingdom...

Saudi Arabia's King Salman issued a royal decree granting women their right to drive in September last year. The order ended a long-standing policy that banned women from driving in the country for decades. 

The ban had been heavily criticized by international campaigners and women's groups. In recent months, Saudi women got ready to drive their own cars on the kingdom's roads attending driving lessons and getting licenses