Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti doesn't appear to have any issues with underage marriage...


"There is currently no intention to discuss the issue,” Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh said, according to Gulf News .

The Grand Mufti also said there's nothing wrong with girls under the age of 15 getting married.

However, the statement comes against the wishes of the kingdom's justice ministry.


The ministry has been urging for a minimum age requirement be setup in the kingdom. Two year's ago, the ministry submitted a report detailing the negative social and psychological effects of underage marriage – including religious, social and medical views and recommendations – to religious scholars, requesting a fatwa against the practice.

Still, even within the Justice Ministry's recommendations, there are provisions that allow for a girl under the age of 15 to be married.


These exceptions should be kept very minimal, according to the report and should only apply to girls living in orphanages or without any family.