A 17-year-old Saudi teenager disappeared after going for a swim in a beach near the kingdom's city of Tabuk. 

As rescue teams intensify their search for her, Fahad bin Saleh Al Enezi, the official spokesman for the Saudi Border Guard, issued a statement on the matter. 

"The emergency services department in Tabuk's Haqel area received a call from the missing girl's brother early on Tuesday. He said his sister went for a swim in the Hasiyat Ish'hebs beach, which is not open for swimming and never made it back to shore," he said. 

"The teenager's brother said he and his mother went out looking for the teenager but found no trace of her," he added. 

Al Enezi said rescue teams are scouring the location trying to find the missing girl. At the time of writing, she has still not been located. 

The case left hundreds puzzled

Just hours after news of the teen's disappearance started to make the rounds online, the incident left people shocked. 

Many questioned why the young girl would go for a swim in an area that is not open to the public. Others prayed for her safety, while some doubted she would be found alive as hours have passed since she was first reported missing. 

Many are praying for the young girl's safe return

"May she return to her family safe and sound." 

Others are struggling to understand how she went missing

"Why did she go in when the beach isn't designated for swimming." 

People are upset over the news

"Oh God." 

"I pray that they find her, I pray that she didn't drown"

Many called on authorities to work on preventing similar incidents

"We call on the head of Tabuk's Border Guard to increase the number of lifeguards and divers in Haqel governorate because it's considered a touristic area and many people go there to swim."