A taxi driver who was chauffeuring a Saudi family during their vacation in Europe is breaking the kingdom's internet. 

This comes after a video capturing him excitedly singing along to a song by popular Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah, went viral on Twitter over the weekend. 

Shared by a tweep known as Shahad, who's also the cousin of the girls who were in the car with the driver, the clip sent tweeps into a meltdown of the sorts. 

Posted on Saturday, it has amassed 371,000 views at time of writing and continues to make the rounds online. 

This Abdul Majeed Abdullah fan is all over Twitter

In the footage, the driver is seen humming the lyrics of Abdullah's song, "Qabl Aarfak" (Before I knew you,) and asking one of the passengers if they knew it. 

The Saudi family then play the track and the man enthusiastically tells them:  "This one," adding "Abdul Majeed, the best of the world." 

People loved it

"Love this." 

And everyone agrees with his statement

"He represents me"

"Mara falla"

Some just couldn't even express their feelings with words

"He's amazing"

"The most important thing is that he knows the song's lyrics by heart"

The footage made people happy

"He makes you happy with how into this he is." 

"Me if I hear an Abdul Majeed song"

"I swear he just made my day"

Many are now sharing their own similar experiences

"Look at our driver in Malaysia."