Saudi activists Loujain Hathloul and Maysaa Al Amoudi were released from jail in Saudi Arabia Thursday, more than two months after the pair were arrested at the border while trying to drive into the kingdom.

Hathloul greeted her Twitter fans in Arabic (Peace be upon you, good people) in her first tweet (Editor's Note: As of May 12, 2015, Hathloul has deleted the tweet ) since the activist was arrested on December 1, 2014, after being held for 24 hours when she tried to drive into the kingdom from the United Arab Emirates.

Amoudi also took to social media, posting an Instagram in celebration of her freedom.

The news spread quickly on social media, where a constant campaign for the release of the two rights campaigners had been ongoing.

In December, the two were referred to the terrorism court, with campaigners saying that "investigations appeared to focus on the women's social media activities rather than the driving." It is not clear whether the two are still facing charges, or whether they were ever even officially charged with any offense.

Amoudi is a Saudi journalist based in the UAE, while Hathloul is a well-known rights campaigner who has long pushed for the right for Saudi women to drive.

While there is no law banning female drivers in Saudi Arabia, the authorities do not issue driving licenses to women, leaving it the only country in the world where women are effective banned from driving. The lack of a license from their home country also gives Saudi women difficulty when trying to drive overseas.