Saudi Arabia, Saudi cleric, Abdullah Al-Manea, Saudi cleric says colored lenses are haram
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Let's see if you're following up on the "is this edict for real?" trend ... Muslim women are not allowed to wear pants, go out in public with perfume on, travel alone, use snapchat filters (haram for men as well), or even pluck their eyebrows (????)

Now, the newest of all edicts was announced by a Saudi cleric and member of the kingdom's Supreme Council of Senior Scholars, Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Manea, earlier this week.

The edict he issued - as a guest speaker on the state television program Fatawi (Religious Edicts) - prohibits Muslims from wearing colored lenses.

Al Manea said contact lenses used for non-medical reasons are unacceptable in Islam.

"If lenses are worn for cosmetic reasons, that would undoubtedly constitute a distortion of God's creation. This is if we're taking it from a religious point of view. If we were to take if from a medical perspective, many eye specialists have agreed that the over-use of such lenses is one of the causes of eye illnesses," he said. 

"There's a third reason why colored lenses are prohibited and that's because they didn't previously exist in Muslim communities. Therefore, using them means our women are imitating kufar (non-believing) women" he added.

Al Manea also explained that the only kind of lenses that are permissible in Islam are those used for medical reasons. When asked about other cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures, the cleric said they are allowed as they provide solutions to birth defects. 

How did people of the internet take this new edict?

Soon after his statement on colored lenses went viral on social media, a heated debated took over Saudi Twitter. Some were all for his edict, while others criticized it, saying it can't be backed up by any Qur'anic text. 

Here's a wrap-up of what people had to say:

"The sheikh didn't say anything wrong"

But not everyone shared the same opinion

"Honestly, I am surprised by those who issue religious edicts without evidence. They forget that an edict is a huge, important matter. And of course, temporary marriages, men dyeing their beards, and seeing everything as OK for men are all permissible. But lenses are prohibited."

"I swear I couldn't even finish the video"

"What year is it?"

"Waiting on an edict for contouring in a few years"

"There are so many bigger things that are more important than lenses"

"Why doesn't he issue edicts on those topics?"