Earlier this week, Saudi chef Mariam Al Ahmad earned her spot in the Guinness World Records after she made the largest bowl of "harees" - an Arab dish made of meat and boiled or cracked wheat.

According to Akhbaar 24, the culinary mastermind was awarded the record at the UAE's "Sofra" festival which was held in Ras Al Khaimah.

Her dish, which was cooked in a pot that's 150 meters high, is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Speaking to local media outlets, Al Ahmad expressed her happiness at the achievement and also dedicated it to the kingdom's women.

"I want to prove that Saudi women can shine at international festivals and competitions," she said.

The largest "harees" bowl to ever be made

Some were thrilled by it

"This is so amazing." 


Others, well, not so much...

"This is what we're good at." 

Because they thought all Arabs can do is break food-related records

"This is what Arab world records look like." 

However, contrary to common belief, not all Saudi and Arab world records are food-related

Although many believe that the Kingdom's achievements in the Guinness World Records are limited to food-related entries, that isn't true. 

In the past few years, Saudi Arabia was awarded for impressive records including forming the largest human pink ribbon and donating the highest number of school supplies in 24 hours.

Other Arab countries have also broken world records outside the realms of culinary and these include Lebanon, the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, and Oman.