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Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health recently passed a strict dress code that sparked controversy on the kingdom's social media platforms.

According to Okaz newspaper, under the new rules, female doctors and medical staff are banned from wearing tight or revealing clothes, makeup, and nail polish. 

"Their medical robes are to be loose and long. All female staff is also required to fully cover their hair with undecorated veils," the publication wrote. 

As for male medical professionals, wearing any kind of jewelry is banned, as are "weird or bizarre haircuts, hats and caps."

The new restrictions will not only apply to medical staff but also to those who work in the medical field as managers and technicians. 

All the kingdom's medical centers have been informed of the new rules

Source: Okaz

The new rules were shared with all hospitals and medical centers via a circular sent out by the kingdom's Ministry of Health on Sunday. 

This comes just weeks after officials sent out a warning to nurses based in the kingdom, asking them not to wear jeans or "immodest" clothing under their medical robes.

The order divided people on Twitter

Some were all for the decision

"Good on them, this is the best decision." 

"A great decision"

"We hope that it takes effect as soon as possible"

Others just couldn't even with the new rules though

And heavily attacked them

"This is unacceptable bullying. You're intruding on people's private lives! When will we have a government we're proud of instead of one that always embarrasses us in front of everyone with their impromptu decisions." 

With valid points

"OK, if you have a great doctor whose hair looks like a tree and another whose clothing is orderly but who has no idea what they're doing, who will you choose?!!"

"I don't know what a doctor's job has to do with what he/she are wearing"

"If you're going to hold doctors or medical staff accountable for anything, it should be over medical errors that often endanger people's lives, not over a haircut or makeup. All of these are personal matters that won't harm anyone. The amount of regression here is unfortunately just not normal." 

"Instead of focusing on their work environment and what they need, you announce these decisions"