Earlier this week, members of Saudi Arabia's National Tobacco Control Committee in Bisha shut down a local cafe for serving shisha to children, Sabq news site reported.

The closure of the place came after authorities received an anonymous tip about it. After raiding the cafe, officials found it was in fact illegally serving shisha to minors.

They confiscated several items found in its premises before shutting it down. 

The news went viral on Saudi Twitter

Many people were shocked by the incident and called on authorities to take strict action against those involved in it.

"Are they serious?!"

"They're too young, where are their parents?"

Many were relieved by the cafe's closure

"Shisha for kids, what's up with that!!!! It's good that they caught them." 

"Places like these must be shut down"

"They should also be unlicensed across the kingdom, just as they are in advanced countries." 

Others felt shutting down the place isn't enough

"It's not enough to close this place, there has to be a punishment." 

Not everyone thought the closure was the best solution

"A person who wants to smoke will smoke anywhere. Closing this place down won't solve the problem." 

"There are much worse things being done to children"

Not the first time a similar incident sparks outrage in the kingdom

In 2014, Sabq news site published a report about cafes serving shisha to young children in Jeddah and several other cities in the kingdom. 

The issue went viral, sparking outrage among thousands on social media. 

At the time, many Saudis called on authorities to take strict action against public restaurants and cafes that allowed kids to smoke shisha.