An expat school bus driver was arrested by Saudi authorities after a video of him sleeping while driving went viral on social media earlier this week. 

The arrest was announced in an official statement issued by the kingdom's General Traffic Authority on Thursday. 

"After an investigation into the footage that went viral online, authorities were able to identify and arrest the 41-year-old expat bus driver who put the lives of tens of students at risk after he fell asleep while driving a school bus in Madina," the statement read

"The man will remain in custody until a verdict is issued in the case," it added

The video sparked outrage online

Soon after it started making the rounds online, the video sparked outrage among social media users. 

Some called on authorities to take action against the driver and were relieved when they arrested him. 

However, others defended the driver saying that the incident was blown out of proportion and a warning would have sufficed. 

Many called on authorities to take action

"We hope that he is held accountable for this."

And hailed them after they arrested the man

"May God bless traffic control officers." 

However, many defended the driver

"Drowsiness isn't something he can control, the way you're saying it makes it seem as if he did this on purpose."

"There's no proof that he was sleeping"

Many were also angry with the student who filmed the footage

"Why didn't you try to wake him up or call police for help. Filming him when the bus could've drifted off the road any second is just inexplicable."