It seems the next big step for any singer, actor or celebrity today is to make a foray into the world of fashion. Aseel Omran just jumped on that trendy bandwagon by launching a handbag with Conia .

The Saudi Arabian singer best known for her appearance on "Gulf Stars" and starring in the MBC reality series "Heya wa Huwa" as well as several music albums, teamed up with the Italian handbag company to release her first collaboration.

"Because I love to collect handbags of different brands and colors, I thought it is time to put my own classic design and colors in a product that can be seen in the hands of girls and ladies," Omran told StepFeed.

She explained that her fans served as an inspiration, saying "I always wanted to give my loving fans a touch from my heart, for all their support and warm care wherever I go in the Middle East and also for the Arab community all around the world."

According to Conia, "the bags are an expression of individuality. The royal blue was carefully selected to catch the eye of only those with a good taste for colour. The black velvet stripe topped with a hand-tied bow asserts the theme of loving life. Each bag is created by hand in Conia's studio from selected genuine leather."

Currently the bag is only available through Conia's website and only one design is included in the line. Omran explained, "I will not introduce another design until we achieve our target of bringing this first bag to the hands of maximum possible number of friends and fans, then will think and brainstorm with my fans about next product or design."

Omran also has plans to collaborate with an international fashion house to release another fashion product next year. The new product will be "related to Middle East culture but with international touch."

Purchasing Omran's bag also works on the referral system. If someone purchases one of the products and then refers 10 friends who also purchase it, cash back rewards will be available.

"It is something I always wanted to make for my friends and fans, which is to share all success with them including my business," Omran said.