Saudi Arabia is all set to celebrate Saudi Women's Day with a two-day musical operetta titled "Daughters of Salman", Al Arabiya reported

The event will run between March 2-3 and is sponsored by Princess Nora bint Mohammed al-Saoud. The operetta will see female Saudi musicians take the stage at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh. 

It will also include "theatrical performances, poetry by the most prominent female poets in the kingdom, and the presentation of a documentary film that tells the history of Saudi women".

This year will mark the second time the kingdom holds an event to honor women. Last year, a huge operetta celebrating women's day was held over three days.

In addition to musical performances, this year's event program includes a series of seminars on new media, photography, medical culture, arts, and folklore.

It will also host a ceremony honoring Saudi women who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of journalism, art, photography, poetry, sports, and education.

A triumphant era for women in the kingdom

The operetta celebrating Saudi women comes at a time when they've made significant strides in their fight for independence and equality. 

Earlier last year, the country lifted a long-standing and widely criticized ban on women driving, finally granting women their right to drive. 

In recent months, the kingdom has also issued several decisions aimed at empowering women and encouraging them to become active participants in building the future of their country.