sirwal and fanila

Saudi Arabia's Shura Council is set to discuss legislation aimed at barring men from wearing "indecent" clothing in public, Al Riyadh newspaper reported.

What is deemed indecent? A popular white undergarment outfit, also known as "sirwal" and "fanila", often worn by men living in the kingdom and countries across the Gulf region. 

The proposed ban is part of a draft law aimed at protecting "public taste and sentiment".

According to the local publication, the legislation, which was proposed by Shura Council member Fayez Abdullah Al Shehri, covers tens of points, including the ban on white undergarments. 

Other points it features aim to criminalize cyberbullying and sharing inappropriate images or videos on social media.

If passed, the proposed legislation will allow courts to impose jail sentences and fines on anyone found committing "violations".

Even though a final decision is yet to be made on the draft order, it's already dividing people on Twitter, especially when it comes to the "sirwal and fanila ban".

News of the proposed ban sent Twitter into a frenzy

Some are all for the pending undergarment ban

"A great decision, some people shamelessly wear these things in public thinking they're in their own bedrooms." 

Many think it's a great idea

"I am with the decision if it aims to prevent people from wearing inappropriate clothes in public. You can wear whatever you want in your private space."

Others are having none of it though

And won't do without their "sirwals"

"I won't give up my fanilla and sirwal"

"It's part of my heritage and identity"

Some are already in mourning

Love for the sirwal is real