Saudi Arabia's Public Prosecution issued arrest warrants on Sunday against a man and a woman who mocked the kingdom's era of entertainment in a video. 

The footage picked up traffic on Twitter over the weekend after it was shared online, leading many to report it to authorities. 

In it, the man - said to have appeared in other clips - is seen approaching the woman and helping her take off the abaya (floor-length garment) she was wearing while saying: "Why are you wearing the abaya? You can take it off now, we're in the era of entertainment." The man then proceeds to sit next to the woman, flirt with her, and kiss her hand. 

Saudi Arabia has been shifting its approach regarding entertainment by organizing festivals and concerts that have been a first in the kingdom's history. With its latest events - Jeddah Season, Riyadh Season, and Diriyah Season for now - the country has proved to have become more lenient towards music, clothes worn in public, and tourism

The man in the video is mocking this sudden change, especially when it comes to female tourists not having to wear an abaya when visiting the country. 

The video was viewed over 1.4 million times online. Once arrested, the duo will face charges of "insulting religious values and public morals."

Those criticizing the video pointed out that the man who appeared in it previously made several other clips in which he "violated the kingdom's rules and regulations." 

Many called on authorities to punish the man because they felt he was trying to ridicule the abaya, a clothing item Saudi women are still required to wear when in public. Others were upset because the man's mockery comes at a time when the kingdom is working hard on forging a new era based on modern values for its future generations. 

"A worthless clip made by a worthless person"

"Not only that, he also ridiculed the abaya and linked this to the era of entertainment. This is proof of how unworldly his rhetoric is."

Saudi online users were upset

And took it upon themselves to report the footage

The woman who appeared in the video released a statement after the clip went viral

The woman in the video, a Jordanian actress and model as per her Instagram bio, clarified her appearance in the controversial clip via social media. 

Alaa Al Adwan unveiled evidence that allegedly prove she had been set up to shoot this video while she was meant to be filming an advertisement. She uploaded an Instagram Story in which she shows the camera a glimpse into a WhatsApp conversation that mentions someone asking for an ad actress. 

Al Adwan later explained that the ad announcement was fake, emphasizing how she'll be in contact with lawyers and concerned authorities to solve the matter.