The first ever female-only car showroom just opened in Saudi Arabia. 

Owned and operated by a private Saudi company, the showroom, which is located in a Jeddah shopping mall, launched its services at a ceremony held on Thursday. 

According to Arab News, several other similar showrooms are set to open across the kingdom in the next few months. 

The opening comes months after the kingdom announced its plans to lift a long-standing and widely criticized ban on women driving in September 2017. 

The decision is set to take full effect in June 2018, and Saudi women are wasting no time getting ready for it. 

News of the opening has gone completely viral

Saudi women are super excited

"Beautiful, joyous news." 

"Alf Mabrook"

"Congratulations to every strong Saudi woman." 

Others just can't wait to get behind the wheel

"I already bought a car just counting down till the day I get to drive it."

"We're finally going to drive"

Many want similar showrooms to open across the kingdom

"When will a showroom open in Riyadh?"

"To the patient, glorious women of my country... may you keep moving forward"