Facebook Messenger's voice and video calls in Saudi Arabia have been blocked, in an attempt to ban users from making free of charge calls over the Internet.

In Saudi, we can't use Viber, nor Whatsapp, and now they banned Facebook. Might as well burn the apps in hell.

This isn't the first time authorities in the kingdom have suspended VoIP service apps. Both Viber and Whatsapp have gone through similar bans in the past.

The reason behind the ban seems to be blamed on the companies themselves for failing to comply with telecom regulations.

“Appropriate action will be taken against applications or services that do not comply with the regulations,” a spokesman at the commission said according to Arab News .

The bans on VoIP calling services are not restricted to Saudi Arabia. Countries all across the region have been battling through this.

In 2015, VoIP services, through Whatsapp and other services, were blocked  in Egypt, which resulted in a #SaveTheInternet hashtag, aimed at lifting the ban

Also in 2015, the UAE's telecom operator Etisalat  blocked Whatsapp calls

Earlier in 2016, Morocco's major Telecom service providers Maroc Telecom, Meditel and Inwi, blocked VoIP services across Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber

Oh, and if someone in Saudi tries to log in to your account, you may be at risk too...