This week, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Commerce banned the sale of an educational "human body puzzle", Sabq news reported.

Ministry officials confiscated the puzzles from a toy store in Yanbu after a man took images of them and reported the matter to authorities, saying that the toy was "explicit".

In his complaint, he added that the puzzles "violated the teachings of Islam". Authorities in the kingdom responded to his complaint in less than 24 hours, sending out a team of professionals to pull them off shelves. 

According to Sabq, action has since been taken against the store found selling the products.

The human body puzzle caused quite the controversy in Saudi

The "human body puzzle" is a popular educational toy for children around the world and aims to introduce them to the major organs that help our bodies function. 

However, some people in the ultra-conservative kingdom disregarded that, only focusing on the animations of the boy and girl printed on the toy. 

A few hailed the decision to ban the puzzle

"We thank the person who reported this and the Ministry of Commerce for their prompt response."

Others just couldn't even with the news, though


"How is this puzzle explicit? God, this regression"

"These are simply educational toys."

"We should be encouraging our kids to use such useful educational games"

"There's nothing wrong with this toy, why all these negative comments against it?? No one actually bothered to get to know what this puzzle is, it's an educational game used to teach kids about body organs."