In the past few days, you've probably seen a number of your friends sharing a link on Facebook to a website called Sarahah, which is the Arabic word for honesty. 

The platform allows people to send anonymous messages to each other directly on the server - with the aim of letting people constructively criticize each other. 

It's been trending around the Arab world, but it's not all positive news. 

Some people have been bullying others on the platform, which defeats the site's main purpose. 

However, others took this as an opportunity to discuss topics that are often viewed as "taboo" in the Arab world. 

Questions about one guy's sexuality were raised

But, his response wins the day

Some worried that the platform would stir some "Mean Girls" type drama

And others wondered why people need an "anonymous platform" to begin with

Some want to get things going on Whatsapp right away

Others are dying of curiosity

"Saraha 3amle halik shi w ente mannik shi"

It all comes down to this:

For all those who haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet ... you are not alone