Bollywood actor Salman Khan launched the Belhasa Driving Center in Dubai's Al Quoz area on Thursday, and the internet can't get over it - but it's not for the reasons you'd think. 

In 2002, Salman was involved in a hit-and-run, where he fled the scene of the incident without providing aid to those injured. 

Naturally, the news of the inauguration of the driving school left people in a daze ... because oh, the irony. 

People are wondering how Khan actually launched a driving center when he himself does not seem to understand driving ethics. 

Let the mockery begin ... 

"Oh the irony"

So, will the school train drivers on how to handle hit-and-run cases?

Politicians and artificial intelligence? Same, same

"Seriously it's like Hitler giving advice on World Peace"

It's like being in debt and giving a speech on "repaying debts on time"

"Up next : Gurmeet Ram Rahim (involved in rape case) to inaugurate women's safety center"

How legit will this driving school actually be?

Private drivers for all graduates?

The school will teach people "how to drive a car over homeless people"

"Waiting for Kim Jong Un to speak about democracy"

This one wins the internet!

About Khan's hit-and-run case:

In 2002, Salman allegedly hit his car into an American Express Bakery and fled the scene soon after without providing aid to those injured. 

A sessions court in Mumbai convicted the actor, but Bombay high court dropped all charges against him because the "prosecution failed to prove the charges against Khan on all counts." 

The verdict was delivered in 2015 and his five-year imprisonment was set aside.