Remember our article on what would happen if the cast of "Friends" were to be an all-Arab one? Well ... the dream (or maybe nightmare?) might materialize. 

The idea of having Chandler's jokes translated to Arabic, Rachel's 90s fashion sense shifted to Khaleeji extravagance, or Phoebe's free-spiritedness turned into witchcraft - or eliminated altogether because of religious principles - is not exciting. 

A viral post that hints at a possible upcoming Arab/Khaleeji version of iconic American sitcom, "Friends," broke the Arab internet earlier this week.

The post features images of an alleged Khaleeji cast and is captioned:

"Can't wait, I wish Rimas Mansour was part of the cast though."

The upload went completely viral on social media after it was shared by thousands of Arabs.

Even though news of any such remake remains unconfirmed and might all turn out to be a joke, the meltdown over the Khaleeji "Friends" post is too real.

It all started when this poster made the rounds online

Though a few are excited and hope the rumors become reality, many are simply not close to cracking a smile. 

The sitcom was about sex, relationships, career, friendship, and living your 20s in constant confusion and uncertainties. 

No wonder most Arabs are screaming "MY EYES!" to the sight of such a poster. They know the real essence of "Friends" will be lost forever if this happens. 

Now, on to the reactions ...

The poster invaded Twitter

"Who's excited for the Arab version of 'Friends,' titled 'Soo7ab?'"

Not many were excited over the news, to say the least

"Yanhar eswed w mehabeb"

Naturally, people reacted with "Friends" gifs

And there were so many of them



"I can't even with this 'Soo7ab' title."

"Eh khara da"

"Arabs like to ruin everything"

People are speculating the truth behind the post

Let's all pray that this is a joke though

"I pray to God that they're joking." 

Because if it isn't, then the end is near