In the past week, hundreds of Rohingya Muslims, including many women and children, have been killed by the Myanmar military. 

The violence is ongoing in the state of Rakhine, home to some 1.1 million Rohingya people, thousands of whom have now been forced to flee to neighboring countries. 

While authorities in Myanmar say the number of casualties stands at around 100, activists say at least 800 have been killed. 

Officially, the military says the operation is intended to crack down on terrorism, but the indiscriminate killings suggest otherwise.

Speaking to StepFeed, Ryan McCabe, who works with the non-profit Partners Relief & Development, said that "violence is definitely escalating." 

He also explained that there is "mass displacement of Rohingya fleeing towards the Bangladesh border, military firing on fleeing civilians, and armed groups on both sides."

Amid the most recent attack on the Muslim minority, thousands of Arabs and Muslims took to Twitter and shared their outrage over the ongoing violence via the now trending hashtag 'Rohingya Genocide.' 

Many also expressed solidarity with victims and anger over the fact that the media have constantly failed to shed light on the issue. 

People are outraged

Call this what it is...

An indisputable genocide

"Pls wake up"

Thousands are angered over the lack of media coverage

"When the victims of religious violence are Muslim, the stories get relegated to the back pages, if covered at all"

"Muslims only matter when we're villains, not victims"

Well known activists also weighed in

Some raised this point

"Doesn't feel okay to sit here comfy, warm and safe"

Many shared heartbreaking images

And caricatures

"Save the Rohingya"

Heartbreaking reality

The Myanmar government does not provide the Muslim-minority community legal recognition, considering them to be illegal immigrants despite the fact they've lived in the country for generations.

The Rohingya Muslim community lives in wide-spread poverty and faces constant discrimination and persecution from the Buddhist majority population.

The United Nations has equated Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya population to ethnic cleansing.

The government denies the charge but also has refused to cooperate with UN fact finding missions.

Despite the ongoing horrors and regular atrocities perpetrated against the Muslim minority, there is little international interest in addressing the crisis.