An Instagram photo posted by Lebanese politician Walid Joumblatt's daughter, Dalia Joumblatt, sparked controversy in Lebanon after local news outlets misconstrued her caption.  

In the image, Joumblatt appears with Tala Mortada, her childhood best friend, and captions her post: 

"My superstar wifey, to have you in my life is a privilege. Side by side until we’re old & brittle baby."

Posted on Instagram on Wednesday, the photo was quickly picked up by several local media outlets, who headlined the news making it seem as if Joumblatt was announcing her marriage to the woman. 

Soon after, Joumblatt denied the circulating reports via her Instagram stories. 

Here's how the entire incident went down online: 

First, Joumblatt's daughter shared this Instagram post

Then, some Lebanese media outlets reported it like this

"Walid Joumblatt's daughter announces her marriage to a woman."

Sparking a homophobic meltdown ... that saw people post unacceptable comments

"There must be a law that legalizes the execution of homosexuals because they're animals."

Amid the backlash, some tried to explain the word 'wifey'

A few stated the two women are just best friends

Others thought it was no one's business regardless

"Where's the problem, it's her life and she's free to do whatever she wants."

"So funny how fabricated news can spread"

Joumblatt has since posted a clarification on the matter

Amid the intense social media backlash, Joumblatt posted a clarification via her Instagram account, denying all circulating media reports. 

In a story she posted on Thursday, the young woman wrote

"An innocent picture with my childhood best friend & this is what some people's imagination leads them to!!!"