Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been ranked among the safest countries in the world with Qatar coming in second and the UAE ranked 16 on the list.

The Golden Visa Safety Index 2015 considers factors including crime levels, risk of global attacks and unemployment when ranking the countries. In total, the index assessed 70 nations and Singapore was the only one to surpass Qatar.

"Qatar ranked 1st in 3 different rank categories/indexes (Global Terrorism, Un-employment Rate and Disaster Risk) however was also ranked quite low in 2 other categories (Pollution Index #66 and Consumer Price Index #46) which slightly lowered Qatar's rank calculation to #2 overall," the report says .

The UAE was also revealed to have very low crime rates and to be at low risk of experiencing natural disasters. Within the Middle East and North Africa, Qatar and the UAE were the only nations to reach the ranking's top 20.

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The ranked countries were assed based on crime index, life expectancy rate, global peace index, global terrorism index, disaster risk, suicide rate per 100,000 people, pollution index, rate of unemployment, cost of living as based on the Consumer Price Index and the quality of their healthcare. Data for the ranking was combined from World Health Organization, the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, Vision for Humanity and UN University.