It's been a year since Alan Kurdi's lifeless body washed up on Turkish shores and made headlines around the world.

On September 2, the Syrian child refugee of Kurdish ancestry died as his family was fleeing their war-torn country. They drowned as they attempted to cross the Mediterranean from Bodrum, Turkey to Europe.

A photo of his body lying on the shore broke hearts all around the world.

But many are asking themselves, did his symbolic death change anything for the millions of refugees crossing the Mediterranean?

More than 4,000 Syrian refugees have died en route to Europe, ultimately turning it into the most deadly route of the 21st century.

Artists all around the world have honored the death of #AlanKurdi with hopes of raising awareness about the severity of the issue. Here's a roundup of the most powerful ones:

1. The one that hopes peace and humanity will save millions

2. Because we are becoming jaded

3. The artist Ai WeiWei re-enacted the greusome scene

4. This mural haunts the waters of Frankfurt's river

Photo source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

The mural was vandalized back in June by a group in Germany who scrawled the slogan "Borders save lives!" over it.

5. And this recent one that brought #AlanKurdi's story full circle

This work of art came soon after Syrian Omran Daqneesh was pulled from the rubble . Sudanese artist Khalid Albaih highlights the unfortunate and harsh choices that Syrian refugees are battling against.

6. The one that draws a smile on #AlanKurdi to twist his fate and that of others