The Saudi government plans to rehabilitate its waste management industry - one that is mainly reliant on landfills - into a greener, more environmental friendly one.

Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) - which acquired Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) from Jadwa Waste Management Opportunities Fund in October - is heading this big project. SIRC's takeover of GEMS will allow it to meet the national recycling target of 85 percent for the industrial and hazardous waste in Saudi Arabia and land-filling the remaining 15 percent by 2035.

However, SIRC is not the only company to take the sustainability initiative in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh alone has multiple recycling companies and plants, each for different materials and purposes. 

Here are five of the most notable recycling establishments in Riyadh:

1. Holoul

Source: Holoul

With the increased use of electronic devices, there is a rise in electronic and electric waste that needs to be dealt with before it hits the environment. Holoul is a company that recycles all kinds of e-waste, i.e. "anything with a power cord or battery."

One of the company's main priorities is data security, as it offers "a mobile service for secure data destruction." Through this service "you can be 100% assured that the device never leaves your site before it is securely and comprehensively destroyed." They also have a truck where customers can witness the entire data destruction process.

2. Waste Collection and Recycling Co. (WASCO)

Established in 2004, WASCO specializes in the collection and recycling of paper, plastic, metal, and carton waste in multiple locations across the kingdom. The recycled waste is then sold to industries as raw material to manufacture new products.

"All businesses have a legal duty and a corporate social responsibility to provide appropriate arrangements for the disposal of their waste to reduce landfill," the company's website reads.

3. Albir Society in Riyadh

People are so caught up in the recycling of plastic, paper, and metal waste that they forget giving clothes and furniture to charity is also a form of recycling. 

Albir is willing to accept all kinds of clothing, furniture, and home devices donations, and will even send out movers to help with the pickup of large items.

4. Recycling Industries

"We aim to play a major role in the recycling community using the most advanced technology with a 100% green footprint, also to raise awareness about the advantages of the recycling concept on both environmental and economical benefit."

Recycling Industries specializes in the recycling of plastic waste. In an attempt to leave behind a green footprint, the company recycles almost 20 tons of plastics per day to granules. It then sells shredded and recycled plastic as raw material to interested parties.

5. Book, Paper and Carton Recycling Center

The Book, Paper, and Carton Recycling Center makes sure to recycle all ruined or non-usable paper-based products. The center is open Saturday through Thursday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.