Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe's steaks are such a hit they're now being used for proposals. If you're going to ask someone to marry you, why not do it at a top-rated restaurant with a celebrity chef helping you out?

Earlier this week, the international chef - aka Salt Bae - posted an image of a diamond engagement ring served atop a steak at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Mykonos, Greece. 

Captioning his post, Gökçe wrote: "She said yes."

Naturally, the image attracted the attention of many, "over a million likes" kind of many. It also looks like the proposal has inspired somewhat of a trend. 

Some people thought it was the chef who got engaged, but he didn't allude to that in any of his follow up posts or Instagram stories. (The million-dollar question is the following: Would a celebrity chef with restaurants in New York, Miami, Dubai, Istanbul, Mykonos, and many more propose to his loved one at one of his outlets?) 

Others speculated whether the post was just a prank or joke, but it clearly wasn't since another proposal has since taken place at the restaurant. See? The trend has already taken off. 

Late on Tuesday, Gökçe posted a few Instagram stories of another proposal. 

In one of his posts, the chef uploaded a photo of a steak with a ring in it and captioned it: "New stylish." In another, he shared a photo of the newly engaged couple. 

It's engagement season at Nusr-Et Steakhouse

Salt Bae even delicately removed the ring with the knife's tip and handed it to the "lucky man"

The chef's followers on Instagram are lol-ing hard

"Yes for the meat"

Proposal goals?

Someone had to make this joke

"The best thing I've seen in my life"

Congrats were due