Egypt is among the most spectacular countries in the world, ranking as one of the top holiday destinations in 2019.

This comes as no surprise as Egypt is filled with breathtaking sceneries, entertaining activities, and diverse locations to choose from.

There are plenty of Instagram accounts dedicated to documenting the beauty of Egypt. They capture the warmth of its people and the country's old charm. 

1. Amina Kadous

Through her lens, Amina Kadous captures the simple lives of Egyptians as they go by unconcerned. Her style is simple yet artistic and cheerful. She successfully manages to capture beautiful portraits filled with warmth and kindness.

2. Mohamed Sherif

Mohamed Sherif is all about the celebratory moments. His photography is focused more on street and portrait snaps. He follows people throughout their celebrations, capturing still moments of their sentiments. 

3. Noha Zayed

Noha Zayed redefines raw beauty with her unique and creative photographic style. Her dreamy account takes you on a journey through different areas in the country. The photographs shine with bright colors and happy snapshots.

4. Haleem Elsharani

Photojournalist and documentary photographer Haleem Elsharani is known for capturing unfiltered pictures of his surroundings. He occasionally accompanies his photos with the heartwarming stories behind them.

5. Mina Ihab

Mina Ihab's account relies solely on an iPhone. Through the lens of his phone, Ihab snaps stunning photos - mainly of old buildings and monuments.

6. Omar El-Shahat

Omar El-Shahat flaunts the beauty of Downtown Cairo, spreading nostalgic vibes among the public with photographs of old buildings and elegant facades.

7. Kareem Nabeel Hassan

Kareem Nabeel Hassan is a professional photographer/videographer and a brilliant photography instructor

Hassan travels all over the country, exploring villages and random streets all with the aim of capturing glimpses of everyday people in those areas.

8. Mostafa Ahmed

Mostafa Ahmed is another brilliant photographer who captures the magic through the lens of his iPhone. Picture-perfect crowded streets, children playing, and stunning landscapes are his specialty

9. Ahmad Lotfy

Ahmad Lotfy's snapshots are striking, bold, and perfectly timed. Taken with his iPhone, the photographs - which mostly show the aesthetic side to Egypt - are a testament to his talent.