While a student at the inaugural film making center at New York University Abu Dhabi, Georgian Beso Turazashvili directed the wonderfully dream-like short-film "Lost in Escapade." The psychological drama centers around a Georgian couple who stumble upon the ghost town of Al Jazirat Al Hamra in Ras Al Khaimah.

Although more than four decades have passed since the town was abandoned (for reasons that are still disputed), Turazashvili says that the strange atmosphere of the ghost town affected the crew.

“Once, after the end of a long day of shooting, I found myself alone on set when everyone was wrapping up and heard a child crying. I’m not sure whether it was a ghost, a child nearby really crying or some childhood memories coming up in my head.”

The film has already won best cinematography and best original music this year at the Euro Film Festival in Spain. It will be shown in Cannes Film Festival's Short Film ­Corner next month. Check out the trailer below.