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Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek and existential dilemmas often go hand in hand ... and his role in the hit TV series Mr. Robot is proof of that. 

But, it's not just on the big screen; Malek recently made it out to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles after American TV host Jimmy Kimmel asked him to. 

He had ice cream in character as Elliot of Mr. Robot. And of course, an existential crisis ensued. 

"How do you make an ice cream museum without going completely insane?" he asks.

"Where do you draw the line? Is gelato, ice cream? What about froyo?" he continues.

Kimmel wanted to see what would happen when Mr. Robot meets Mister Softee, a United States based ice cream truck franchisor.

Ultimately, Malek's fans on social media began contemplating their own existence ... and if life is worth living at all knowing that they'll never meet Rami Malek in the flesh. 

Here are just some of their reactions. 

Rami Malek is the second unicorn in that museum

"The best thing to ever happen to me"

Going to the museum with one goal in mind: to kiss the floor Rami Malek walked on

Mood be like

This is "what I live for"

"Rami Malek having an existential crisis while eating ice cream is my 2017 mood"

He even dangles his feet into a pool of sprinkles

Basically: "Ice cream, you scream ... we all SCREAM"

Mr. Robot meets Mr. Softee