Egyptian actor Ramez Galal, who is famous for his Ramadan television programs, is returning this Ramadan with the sixth installment of his annual prank show.

The show, titled "Ramez Beyl'ab Bel Nar" (Ramez Plays With Fire), will air on MBC Masr and MBC1 . It has taken on a different theme yet again this year, with the 2016 season focusing on a fire breaking out as the prank of choice.

"Wait for the star Ramez Galal in "Ramez Beyl'ab Bel Nar" exclusively on MBC Masr, Ramadan 2016."

The prank show, which was shot entirely in Morocco, centers around a plot in which a celebrity guest is hosted in a tower for an event at which they are being honored.

A fire then erupts in the tower and the only way to escape it is to reach the top of the tower and take a rescue helicopter from there, which Galal will be piloting.

The show will feature a variety of surprises and unexpected plot twists, as well as a number of international celebrities who will be appearing on Egyptian screens for the first time in addition to the Arab celebrities, according to MBC Masr .

Photo source: Facebook/ MBC Masr
Source: Facebook/MBC Masr

The first trailer for the program reached a million views on MBC Masr's official Facebook page in less than four hours after it was released Sunday. Galal's prank shows have repeatedly stirred controversy, despite being greatly successful across the Arab World.

His 2015 prank show "Ramez Wakel El-Gaw," which focused on a plane crashing as the main prank and included an episode that featured American celebrity Paris Hilton, was heavily criticized by critics and viewers alike, with many criticizing the pranks for being overly fake and poorly produced.

Over the years, the show's critics have also taken shots at MBC, criticizing it for continuing to produce what they saw as a low-quality show for profits.