Laura Ingraham, founder and editor-in-chief of American media website, LifeZette, recently decided to share an Islamophobic tweet with her 1.56 million followers.  

In it, she posts a photo of a niqabi covered from head to toe walking with a banana in hand with a caption that reads: "The new Washington, DC!", which inadvertently suggests that Muslims should be banned from the United States ... Well, it's either that or bananas don't have a place in the U.S. capital - go figure. 

But, people didn't let her comment slip. Humor, sarcasm, and facts dominated the conversation. 

People couldn't help but fight the hate ... with lots of POTASSIUM!

Is walking with a banana against American values?

BREAKING: "Bananas Invade Earth"

A "slippery slope" indeed.

"When I see fruit walking around town, it's time to get my firearm."

Others resorted to honesty: "I'd rather chat with a Muslim woman carrying a banana ..."

Others called her out for being a bigot at heart.

Telling her to delete her account.

Islamophobia ... it brings out the stupid in you for the whole world to see.