Fresh, delicious, and aromatic are some of the words that best describe Middle Eastern cuisine. Food from the region is versatile as well as rich in flavors and herbs, placing it on most foreigners' list of favorite cuisines.

Put that aside, not everyone is good at naming authentic Middle Eastern dishes placed in front of them. Sometimes, only a true expert can nail them all. 

Are you the type who enjoys the food no matter what, or are you a connoisseur in the region's cuisine? 

1. What is this dish called?

Source: Burma Spice

2. How about this one?

Source: BBC Food

3. Looks like a salad...

Source: Serious Eats

4. This is too green.

Source: Nisf eldunia

5. A foreigners' favorite? ????

6. Now that's a colorful dish

Source: Vital

8. Are these sausages?

Source: Chi Tayeb

9. We don't need a name, just a bite

Source: Gulf News

10. Bread instead of a plate?

Source: So delicious