The introduction of 5G to the world has brought with it loads of excitement, as well as controversies over the possible misuse of it.

However, this has not stopped countries globally from wanting in on the action. When it comes to Arab countries, many have either already launched 5G commercially or have signed contracts to initiate its set up for the masses.

There is no lack of talk over this topic, so, for the fun of it, let's see how well you know your tech.

2. How much faster is 5G compared to its predecessor (4G)?

3. When is 5G predicted to be almost fully perfected and widespread?

5. Which Huawei is the best suited for the 5G network?

6. How many Arab countries are leaders in the 5G race?

7. Which Arab country has officially introduced 5G commercially?

8. Can you find 5G services in the UAE?

9. Are you excited to get 5G services?