To explain who Charli XCX is is to explain what creativity in isolation is, simply limitless. 

The 26-year-old Brit gave herself a deadline of 40 days to create, write, direct, and release a music album. Those 40 days happened to be during the globally imposed quarantine. The deadline soon to be due (May 15), Charli XCX has already released two songs along with their music videos — shot and produced at home, of course.

Forever, a track to be included in her quarantine-produced album how i'm feeling now, is a proclamation of eternal love, not only from the singer's side but from the side of hundreds and maybe thousands of her fans. When Charli XCX first announced the crazy idea of writing an album in a month or so, she mentioned how she'll be collaborating with as many people as possible, her Angels (aka fans) included.  

As it seems, she's a woman of her word. Forever's video compiles submitted clips from followers who wanted to be part of the singer's project, a soul-stirring four-minute video that proved widely successful as fans couldn't help but share their emotions to the sight of it. 

Then came claws, the second song and video released. Based on Charli XCX's Instagram, it looks like it could be her proudest song of the album yet. Just a feeling, nothing too certain. 

"I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like everything about you," might get stuck in your head soon, as in real soon. 

With a single prop - a green screen - the Boom Clap singer traveled worlds and concepts in pure 90s fashion. 

Once again, fans' roars were heard loud and clear. Comments like "COVID-19: No more music videos. Charli XCX: Hold on while I sharpen my claws..." and "Other Artist: i can't make new music because of quarantine. Charli: n o" took over YouTube. 

Charli XCX first announced how i'm feeling now via social media, before holding a 1,000-capacity Zoom conference with her fans to get more into details. 

If you're ever looking for relationship goals, you might want to consider having an open and honest one like the one Charli has with her Angels. 

Never gone unnoticed, Charli - real name Charlotte Aitchison - has been part of some of the greatest hits in the past few years, either by featuring in them or co-writing them. 

Iggy Azalea's Fancy, 2012's I Love It by Icona Pop, and her personal standout summer crush anthem Boys are only a few examples to mention when talking about the 26-year-old artist. 

Now that she's ready to release a new album that's been prepared with the help of her Angels and whatever she could put her hands on, it seems like new hits are about to make listeners rethink love and isolation.