Qatari fashion designer Alanoud Alattiya  showcased her TIIYA collection at the second edition of Arab Fashion Week  in Dubai, held March 16-19 at the St. Regis Hotel.

Growing up with an avid fashionista mother and one of the first women to wear Christian Dior in the Arabian Gulf region during the late '50s, Alattiya's journey in fashion began as early as she can remember. Her passion for fashion turned into a successful career over the years. Being the first Qatari to export a product with the label "Made in Qatar" (other than the country's export of gas and petrol), her brand was the first Arabian Gulf brand to ever be stocked in Harrods in London before being acquired by Qatar Holdings. She runs her haute couture brand, TIIYA, with her two daughters.

Her autumn-winter 2016-17 collection debuted at Arab Fashion Week and it will wow you!

There's more! Here's a peak into some of TIIYA's previous collections:

Arab Fashion Week is the official fashion week in Dubai and across the Arab world, representing 22 Arab countries. Organized by the Arab Fashion Council, it is one of the world's highest profile fashion events to take place. With designers hailing from all over the region including Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Palestine, and Morocco, it is surely an event not to be missed.