A new app launched by Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to better serve citizens and resident-expats when they travel.

Prior to traveling outside of Qatar, individuals can register their trip details through the app, logging them with the ministry securely. The app also includes a "Request Assistance" button that allows users to call for help from the ministry in real time. A notification is received by the ministry along with the users exact location.

In addition to the assistance services, the app also provides a full listing of contact details of international Qatari missions. It also provides details for embassies within Qatar, which may come in handy for visitors to the country.

The app provides details about visa requirements when traveling and allows users to check the status of their documents when applying for visas. Weather forecasts, prayer times and currency exchange details can all be easily accessed through the app as well.

Offering English and Arabic, the new app promises to be a useful tool for both Qatari nationals and expats.