Israel is pointing fingers at Qatar after the Arab state financed a conference that espoused the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against the Jewish state.

"#BDS_Conference: In the third session of the first day, the political dimensions of the movement will be discussed ."

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, funded by the Qatari government, is holding the conference, which looks at the movement’s role in creating a universal boycott against Israel and finding new ways for a more effective movement.

“This group has been trying to demonize Israel for the past decade,” said a senior Israeli government official, as reported by The Telegraph.

"Now that it is receiving support from Qatar, it is clear they are going to renew their efforts to organize a global boycott against Israel."

"#BDS_Conference Jamil Dakour will go through the federal laws in the US that hinder the movement’s role."

"#BDS_Conference: Raed Habaib: The movement is more efficient in the West than the Arab countries."

The movement’s great achievements on the international academic and economic levels have led to the boycott of many large companies involved in Israeli projects produced on Palestinian lands.

BDS came to light on September 9, 2015 with a call upon the international community for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

The movement does not have to comply with any outside interference because it is a non-governmental organization that does not rely on funding from certain parties, especially since it only requires a small amount of funds.

This article was originally published in Arabic on YallaFeed .