Late on Thursday, U.S. based YouTuber and porn star Dana Al Otaibi, who claims to be Saudi, sparked outrage on Twitter

This came after a video she shared on her official YouTube channel went viral. 

In the footage, Al Otaibi is seen dancing in revealing outfits and using words deemed 'provocative' and 'offensive' by Saudi audiences. 

The video angered thousands on social media and drew intense backlash from users. 

Many are now denouncing claims that the online star is Saudi, while others are calling on authorities to investigate the matter.

A social media meltdown of the sorts

People were shocked by the music video

"Me, when I saw Dana Al Otaibi's video." 

"Who said she belongs to the Otaibi tribe! Al Otaibis are a prominent tribe, she's certainly not one of them"

"What are the people who actually like her song thinking?"

"She's so silly"

Many shared conspiracy theories

"She's obviously being paid by someone to do this. It's clear that this is a meticulously planned conspiracy. They chose a girl who looks khaleeji and taught her how to pretend to be Saudi on Snapchat." 

Others called on authorities to take action

"In my next few tweets, I'll share detailed information about Dana Al Otaibi and her video lip. I hope this gets to internal security services and I hope they deal with this strictly. This clip is offensive to the kingdom, the UAE and to Al Otaibis."   

And denounced claims that Al Otaibi is Saudi

"She isn't even a Saudi national but a Latin American whose mother is Moroccan. She was born and raised in the U.S. as Laura Arteaga and uses the name Dana Al Otaibi to promote work targeted at GCC countries, Saudi in specific."  

"Her name is Dana Laura Arteaga... she's neither Arab nor Saudi"