There are certain things that Lebanese people have to deal with on a daily basis that it can get quite exhausting. Every once in a while getting a break from the country is needed, but there's no country any of us would choose over this one, no matter what.

Which of these problems gets to you most?

The constant struggles that come about because " ma fee kahraba "

With "ma fee mai" topping the list

Including those mosquitoes that just hang out around your ear in the middle of the night

And the constant need to turn your Wi-Fi on and off because of poor internet connections

You've probably never made it through an entire YouTube video unless it’s 30 seconds.

Not to forget visa problems because of the unfortunate state of the Lebanese passport

Though, there are visa-free locations available for a hassle-free trip.

And the 24/7 traffic jams you have to find a way around...

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Because driving in the country is an experience of its own.

The fact that people think it's OK to use ketchup instead of pizza sauce...

And walking into local shops that have somehow altered well-known brands

The awkward moment when greeting another Lebanese...

The fact that all your family outings are equivalent to the size of an army


Realizing that being homesick is 10 times worse than anything else

Photo source: Instagram
Source: Instagram