As Prince Mohammed bin Salman continued his tour of the United States on Wednesday, he swung by Facebook 's headquarters in Silicon Valley, California to meet with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Photos of the meeting between the deputy crown prince and Zuckerberg were shared by the prince's office on Twitter...

A video of the meeting was also shared by Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya. In the video, the prince can bee seen chatting with Facebook's management and testing out some cutting edge technology.

Prince Mohammed's meeting with Facebook came just after Microsoft announced an agreement to help achieve the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 .

"Microsoft: digital transformation will support the implementation of the 'Vision 2030.'"

The prince has been touring the U.S. to meet with political and business leaders.

"U.S. President Barak Obama meets HH Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the White House."

The tour is an effort to promote the kingdom's Vision 2030, building key partnerships to make the ambitious plan a reality.