The 89th Saudi National Day is here and people are celebrating hard. The country's celebrations are spanning across a four-day holiday until the jour J, Sept. 23, is here.

Twitter is blowing up with the hashtags اليوم_الوطني_السعودي_89# and #SaudiNationalDay, showcasing the excitement for the celebrations and love for the kingdom. From songs and poems to drawings and dressing up, people are ready and set for what is to come.

Dancing is the hit activity during the four-day holiday

It really is

Some girls have their makeup ready

While Saudis show their love, love, love for their country

And are all celebrating Saudi Arabia and its founding father, King Abdulaziz bin Saud

Some are also celebrating days off

"Good morning to the long holiday that extends till Tuesday."

The excitement is quite real to some people

"Toooooons of excitement for the National Day."

And then ... Mood:

Even Dubai is in on the action

"Dubai Airport welcomes the first flight from Riyadh in time for Saudi Arabia's National Day."

Part of the traditions to most locals is to go to Dubai on National Day ... though not everyone can

"All of Saudi Arabia is going to Dubai to celebrate in JBR, except for my family, my aunts, and their daughters. We're here arguing about who is going to book the istiraha and dinner. In the end, we gather at my oldest aunt's place, and we're still upset."